There are many wonderful shops to enjoy good food and drinks at in Ise. Here's a handful of them that are within walking distance from Guesthouse Tsumugiya.



まんぷく食堂 (manpuku shokudo)

manpuku shokudo is one of the household names in Ise. Its most popular item on the menu is the からあげどん (kara-age-don or Fried Chicken Bowl). The portions are big, and the prices are nice. manpuku shokudo is very popular amongst our guests.

Fried Chicken Bowl からあげどん (kara-age-don) ¥630 (normal) ¥550 (small)
* Many people have said that the serving size is really big for the normal sized bowl, so you might want to consider the small one if you don't eat that much or want to try other side dishes :)
Ise Udon Set (i-se u-don set-to) ¥750

About 8 mins from our guesthouse. It is near Ujiyamada Station.
~ 8.30 p.m
Budget ¥600~800


オオカミ (Ookami)

Ookami is an Izakaya where you can get very Japanese dishes. The 揚げ出し豆腐 (age-dashi dou-fu, or Deep Fried Tofu) is highly recommended! Ookami seems like a shop only locals would know and go to, and we were surprised when we found out they had an English menu.

About 13 mins from our guesthouse. 
Budget ¥2000~3000



nousagiya is a really cool bar serving very delicious oven-baked pizzas. The pizzas are baked in a stone oven made by the shop owner himself! The owner often travels around Japan and the world, to procure high quality ingredients, and interesting beers, wines and spirits. There is an English menu, and the owner can speak some English too.

About 2 mins from our guesthouse. 
Open until 1 a.m. Not open on Thursdays.
Budget ¥3000~4000



河崎二丁目食堂 (Kawasaki 2-chome shokudo)

This restaurant serves French cuisine. The owner used to work at a hotel's restaurant in Yokohama, but has since moved on to open his own restaurant with his family here in a little old merchant house, bringing high quality cuisine and much delight to the residents of the countryside.

Enjoy a glass of wine at only¥350! The Sangrias is delicious too!

〒516-0009 三重県伊勢市河崎2丁目7-14
It is right beside our Guesthouse!
Budget ¥2000~3000



虎丸 (Toramaru)

Toramaru is an Izakaya (Japanese Bar), and is very popular around here. They use high quality, fresh ingredients in their dishes. It may be a little difficult to place orders if you don't know Japanese.

〒516-0009 三重県伊勢市河崎2丁目13-6
About 2 mins from our guesthouse. Not open on Thursdays.
Budget ¥4000~5000


COZARU is an Izakaya which puts many of Mie prefecture's local produce on the menu. You can get dishes like Matsusaka Beef, Oysters, or Mie Pork.

About 13 mins from our guesthouse.
〒516-0071 三重県伊勢市 一之木2丁目3−5
Budget ¥2000~3000